Friday, January 25, 2013

First Contact, Art Exhibit at Gallery Project

Opening Reception~ February 22 6-9 p.m.
Curated by Seder Burns

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence is in high gear. NASA’s Curiosity rover is routinely beaming back photos from Mars. It recently found evidence that suggests that there was once flowing water on the planet. Scientific instruments of all manner scan and explore the heavens for evidence of otherworldly life. It seems that First Contact with extraterrestrial life is inevitable. Will Curiosity be our first ambassador? 

Technological development has brought us to the precipice of first contact, but has humanity kept pace? Is our search for extraterrestrial life simply a search for answers to our own existence? A search for our creator? What makes us believe that we are prepared for a relationship with other worlds when we have difficulties on our own planet? What does humanity have to offer? Are we looking for salvation? Escape? Is it our innate curiosity or primal fear that motivates us? H.P. Lovecraft wrote that "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear."

“Artists,” wrote Ezra Pound, “are the antennae of the race.” Media analyst Marshall McLuhan expanded on that idea when he wrote, “Art as radar acts as an ‘early alarm system,’ as it were, enabling us to discover social and psychic targets in lots of time to prepare to cope with them.” If art is an ‘early warning system,’ then what does art about First Contact foretell?

This art exhibition explores our desire for First Contact, our preparedness for it, the event itself, and its possible consequences. 

Selected contributors include artists from Taiwan, Russia, Canada, and throughout the US: 
Seder Burns, Ross Carlisle, Debra Davis, Lynda Davis, Dan Hernandez,Tanya Kavakoza, Kevin Margo, Simon Ray, Kris Rudolph, Sarit Somasa,Derek Stenning, Po-Wei Su, Mike Tarr, Barry Whittaker & others.

Gallery Project is located in the heart of Ann Arbor, Michigan.
215 South Fourth Avenue
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
P (734) 997-7012

Gallery Hours
Thursday - Saturday: Noon to 9
Sunday: Noon to 9 
Closed: Monday-Wednesday

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  1. Addendum: John Causland and Doug Scobel (both Lowbrows)
    contributed telescopes to the exhibit.

    On Friday February 22nd, there was an opening reception. John attended the
    opening; John sent me this message.

    Hey, Dave,
    Mike and Lisa came too. I was there essentially for the whole event from 6 to 9, and the organizers suggested that openings usually bring in about 200 people, which is easily the number that showed up. I added a lot more photos to the album to show that populated dimension.

    As for sticking to the First Contact theme, it was pretty loose, but it's art after all. And I spoke with a lot of folks who really had genuine interest in the stars and the topic. The gallery is thrilled we've got scopes there and we're yet doing our share for the public.