Monday, November 18, 2013

Update on Comet ISON

Comet ISON has brightened recently. Comets can be unpredictable, so we can't know exactly how bright it will get. But it is worth taking a look.

It will pass behind the sun on November 28th, the best view is likely to be sometime between now and the 28th. If you want to view the comet the following are good resources:
On November 18, there was information about Comet ISON on spaceweather (


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  2. Its been over a week, and there has been no observations of Comet ISON. The comet seems to have broken up into very small pieces.

    While it is unlikely, it is possible that a meteor shower might result from ISON. While the remnants of the comet are too small to visible (even for the Hubble telescope), they may enter the earth's atmosphere.

    The current thinking is this will be an "invisible meteor shower", unlike typical meteor shower this will not result in flashes of light, but could result in a noctilucent display, visible within the polar regions. Note, we really don't know exactly what will happen and it is worth taking a look in mid January to see if any display occurs.